Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Watch...

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember that a while back I purchased an Invicta Russian Diver watch. It's a big 52mm watch face that looks great.

Problem?? Well, I was shopping one day and almost got run over by someone who wasn't paying attention, and in my dodging out of the way I scraped up the face of it on the concrete wall that I basically pushed myself up against. Now, it was barely noticeable...but I noticed it, and I think almost subconsciously I decided that it wasn't as nice as it had been. I started looking around for something not to really replace it, but to supplement it.

I looked and found things, but never anything that really fit my budget.

Well, last night I was watching the watches on ShopNBC on TV and I saw some that I liked. So I came down to the computer and started looking around. What I found was a GREAT deal!!!

If you go to Amazon's site, they list the Invicta Sea Spider II as being a $695 watch. They sell it for $229. I've learned that Invicta's "MSRP" are generally WAY over what the watch is actually worth. However, if Amazon is selling it for $229, you can be pretty sure it's a $229 watch.

So, I would say it's a fantastic deal if ShopNBC has the exact same watch on sale for $110. I went ahead and snatched it up with the 5 payment option, so I'm only paying $20 a month for the next few months to get this awesome watch.

Here's the Sea Spider II.

It's a great looking watch. Those small dials on the face chronograph functions. It also has a date function near the 20 second mark.

The best part?? It's actually LARGER than my Russian Diver, coming it at 55mm across it's face not including the dial. It has a Swiss Quartz movement, and comes with a great warranty.

It should be here within the week, and I'm really glad I stopped on the ShopNBC channel when I did. Had I not, I probably wouldn't have found this deal. And it's not available now, so it sold out in the last 12 hours or so.


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