Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruckus is Brushless...

So I got the brushless setup put into the monster truck.

It was REALLY fast...for about 5 minutes...then BOOM!!!! I blew up the transmission.

I cracked it open to find out that I had stripped the idler gear something fierce. Basically, I had the brake setting on the truck turned up too high, and when I hit the brake at full speed, it was just too much for the plastic gears and it destroyed them.

I pulled the tranny out of the truck and then took the tranny out of CircuitTWO. I put that one into the Ruckus and adjusted everything correctly then took it for another spin.'s pretty fast. I'd say upwards of about 35 MPH, and it's geared low enough that I could get another 10 MPH out of it pretty easily.

The Ruckus doesn't seem quite as refined as the Circuit, but it's definitely fun to drive out on the road. It goes fast enough that a sharp turn sends it flipping down the street, but it usually lands on it's wheels just so it can keep right on going.

Overall, I really like driving it. I'll probably be getting some new wheels and tires for it next week some time, and maybe even a new body.

Of course, I also have to order some parts so that I can fix the transmission and get it back in CircuitTWO. Poor gets parts taken out of it so often. Oh well, at least it's always getting the brand new stuff put back into it!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Agency...

So, free agency was in total swing today.

Lots of stuff that I didn't really see coming. I'm still waiting to see if the Lions do anything in free agency. I had hoped they would find a cornerback, but the biggest one ended up signing with Philly. That's alright, though. I still think the Lions are going to have another season where they continue to move forward.

I'll be paying attention over the next few days to see if anyone ends up wearing the Honolulu Blue and Silver...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ruckus Upgrades...

Later today the first couple of upgrades for the monster truck, the Ruckus, should be showing up.

I ended up getting a Tacon brushless motor and a HobbyWing 60 amp speed control.

I'm guessing that with these things and the tires on the Ruckus, it should easily be in the 35 MPH speed range...which will be awesome.

I'll probably install them when I get home from work, but I won't be able to test them out because it's supposed to be raining all night long.

Either way, it's going to be awesome to get them installed in the truck. It should make it an absolute blast to just drive around the yard. Good stuff.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's been raining pretty much all day, and a couple of times it has literally POURED.

Not a big deal, however, because it gave Cathy and I a chance to pretty much do nothing. We ended up going to see the new "Harry Potter" movie and other than that we just sat around the house.

It's kind of nice to have rain for a's been so hot and muggy that I was getting sick of it.

The only problem with the rain is it's not supposed to stop over the next few days...which means that within a few days, I'll be sick of the rain!!!

The Track...

We got to the track for a bit tonight. I had the stock tires on CircuitONE, because the Prolines I bought a couple weeks ago are almost done already...but that's a story for another thread.

Anyways, when we got there and started, we were the only three people there. There was one other guy, but he wasn't running. When we started, all three of us were having traction issues. Not a lot of luck hooking up. When some other guys started showing up, who I want to say were regulars because they all knew each other, they were all complaining about the traction. It turns out that they had redesigned the track the night before, and it was still a bit dry in spots. In some spots, it was really hard packed and fast, but in other parts it was relatively crumbly.

I had thought about buying some new tires, but after talking to a couple of guys there I decided not to. They all told me that even with new tires, with the track conditions I probably would still have traction I figured I'd save the money.

Let's just put it this way...the track condition that was so poor that they were probably going to cancel the club races that were supposed to take place later in the evening.

On the plus side...everyone there said that the track normally isn't like that. So the next time we go we probably won't have the issues. As we were leaving, they were watering the clay down one more time in what I took to be a last ditch effort to salvage the club races.

But that I've typed all of that...on to the driving.

The stock Slash behaved pretty much exactly like my friend Jeff said it was consistently slower which made it seem to be the easiest to drive. The stock Slash was slow but steady, and he spent the least amount of time on his roof. In fact, he was so steady that he actually gave quite a few of the other trucks that were out there a run for their money. They'd pass him on the one large straight, but he'd be caught back up by the next straight.

Jeff was also pretty spot on with the VXL. It was faster on the straight, but not by much, but on every other aspect of the track it didn't end up holding up to CircuitONE. In fact, the VXL spent the highest amount of time on it's roof. I attributed that to the fact that his suspension is stock, and I don't think he's really even tried to adjust any of it. So he would pull on me a bit on the straight, but throughout the rest of the track CircuitONE literally mopped the floor with the VXL.

Now, on to CircuitONE. First, let me say that the traction was a bit of a problem, but once I got used to where it was the most problem, I was able to adjust accordingly while driving. I spent very little time spinning out once I got a feel for the track. I also spent less time on my roof than the VXL did, which allowed me to consistently beat him around the track.

I was happy with the way the truck drove. It was faster overall than the VXL around the track, and to be honest it kept up pretty well with several of the Team Losi Racing 22 buggies. In fact, I had a pretty good back and forth with one of the TLR 22s for about three laps before he somehow managed to flip over going over the double-single.

I thought that the Circuit handled the jumps pretty well, also. There were two major sets of jumps, and one table. The first jump was a double that the Circuit cleared almost every time without any problems. The second set was the aforementioned double-single...which I could hit as a double most of the time then hit the single, but sometimes I had to take it as three singles. The table gave me some fits, but mostly because where it was located at I had a hard time seeing what was going on. I don't know if there was a light out in that corner of the building or what, but it seemed to be darker over there.

The only part of the course that I had real issues with was down a straight they had built a bunch of bumps, not small jumps, but literally just bumps. They were tough for the truck, or me, or both. I just simply couldn't get the hang of them.

Again, I'm really happy with the way the truck handled the course. I had a great time and didn't think that the truck really lacked anything...other than traction, but that's already been discussed.

Now, let's talk about the damages sustained.

First off, the VXL suffered zero issues, despite at one point in time actually flying completely OFF the track and onto the cement that was effectively in the pit area.

The stock Slash suffered the lost a wheel lug which we couldn't find, so he had to buy some new wheel lugs. He also had a steering link come apart, but I think he was able to just put that back together. I don't think he needed any more parts for that. At the very end, a screw worked out of the steering link that we couldn't find, so he's going to have to get a new one of those.

Finally, the Circuit suffered no real damage. Once the steering link popped off, but thanks to the cups, I just popped it back on. The body got a small crack in the back of it, but from what everyone says that's to be expected on this truck. Last, the TBR bumper on the back is mounted VERY close to the fan and heat sink, and after one jump the bumper hit the fan hard enough to knock the heat sink loose. I could have put it back on, but I wanted to clean it up first and I didn't have the right stuff to do that, so I just took it off. Again, no real issue...just something that could have been easily fixed.

Overall, I was really happy with the time spent at the track and will definitely be going back. The only unfortunate part was that I didn't get any pictures or video. They had a couple of signs that said you needed to get permission to take pictures...and although I'm sure that they would have let us, I didn't ask.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dirt Burners

Today I'm going to Livonia.

Jason, Alex, and I are going to a track for RC cars called "Dirt Burners" that's located there. It's an indoor off road style track that's designed for 1/10th scale vehicles.

All of us have 1/10th scale trucks, so we'll be heading out tomorrow sometime probably around 2:00.

We should get there by 3:00, which should give us time to look around the shop and race on the track for a good long while before the club races start.

I'm thinking it's going to be fun. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and videos to share.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today when we were getting to work, there was something really cool going on.

A Marine V-22 Osprey was practicing takeoffs and landings.

In case you aren't sure what an Osprey is, it's one of those really big tiltrotor aircraft. Basically, it takes off like a giant helicopter and then it's rotors tilt forward and it flies like an airplane.

It looks like this...

While walking in, I managed to get a few seconds of video of it.

It took off several times and flew around then landed. I called my mom to tell her to check it out, and she called back and said it flew pretty much right over her house.

I've seen a few cool planes at the airport...including some P-51 Mustang WWII fighter planes, and a P-38 Lightning WWII fighter...and this Osprey ranks right up there with those as one of the coolest.

Battlefield 3...

As most of the people that actually pay attention to my blog know, I play "Battlefield Bad Company 2" quite a bit. I would say it's probably my favorite game of all time. It's great fun.

"Battlefield 3" comes out in October, and of course I already have it preordered.


...imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find an e-mail from Electronic Arts. I had been invited to participate in an extremely limited closed Alpha test of the multiplayer of "Battlefield 3."

Of course, I accepted the invite right away.

The catch?? It's only on PC, and I normally play on Xbox 360. That's alright, though, because you can use an Xbox 360 controller with your PC if you have the cable to plug it in...and I just happen to have that cable!!!

So right now I'm downloading the HUGE file onto Cathy's gaming computer, and I should be able to give this game a try in the next few minutes.

It's going to be amazing.

I have no idea how I got selected to participate. Maybe it's the amount of time I have played, 760 hours?? Maybe it's my skill, always been at the highest 200 rating?? I don't know...but it doesn't really matter. What matters is I got chosen, and that's awesome!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Member of the Electrix Family...

Just wanted to post a couple of quick pictures of my RC trucks.

The monster truck came today, a day early. Awesome. It's to drive.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speaking of Christopher Nolan...

...the new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer was just released, as well.

I can honestly say that this is the one movie I've been looking forward to for a LOOOONG time. This one, to me, is as anticipated as the second and third "Lord of the Rings" movies.


Looks Solid...

I'm not really sure why the series needed an entire reboot. The first and second movies were pretty good. The third one, well, not so good. But the things that were wrong with the third one seemed to be things that could be fixed.

I guess they wanted to start over, though...and I have to admit...this trailer looks pretty good.

It will be interesting to see if they make it a bit "darker," and slightly more realistic...much like the most recent "Batman" films by Christopher Nolan...

It looks to stay a bit more true to the comic books when they show Spidey shoot out his the first three movies, he shot it directly out of his wrist...but in the comics, he had to make a launcher for it...and it appears that the launcher is being used in this that's a step in the right direction!!!

Another Good One...

I kind of loosely watched the first episode of "Torchwood: Miracle Day" while doing some other stuff, and it seemed pretty strange. But then I saw parts of it again, and it was pretty interesting. So I finally sat down and watched the entire thing right before they showed the second episode, and I was pretty impressed.

The second episode?? Even better.

Apparently, "Torchwood" is a series that has been on in England for a few seasons now, and it has ties to "Dr. Who." I've never seen any of the original series, but from what I can tell this version of it is effectively a reboot...designed for new viewers, but with enough little things thrown in that fans of the entire series will be able to relate to.

Overall, I've been pretty interested in it. Between this and "Falling Skies," I've got two good alien TV shows going at once!! Good stuff!!!

Falling Skies...

So, I continue to watch this show...and I continue to think that every episode continues to get better and better.

The only issue so far, is that I'm not sure what they're going to do for the second season. The show got picked up for the second season after only like three episodes, but it was only slated for a 10 episode first season. I'm going to guess that the writers and producers had an idea for where they wanted the show to go, and possibly end, in that entire 10 episodes just in case they didn't get a second season. So it will be interesting to see if it starts to feel just a bit stretched out to get the story arc to cover two seasons, or if they have a logical end to this first story arc that can then be extended in season two.

Either way...something that is interesting is there's not much information about what happened when the aliens first invaded. Remember, the show takes place six months or so after the invasion.

I guess the way that they have covered with this...

It's a 104 page graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics that covers the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

It's only about $10 on Amazon, so I just ordered it. It's supposedly a pretty good story.

I've never read a graphic novel, or really any comic book for that it's going to be interesting reading one. I'm thinking I'll like it, considering how much I like the show so far.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can't Believe... hot it has been.

Even late at night, it's still in the high 80s with some ridiculous humidity level. I stepped out of the garage to take the dogs out, and instantly began to sweat.

It's disgusting.

It's not going to get better in the next few days, either. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 99. Friday, 91.

Heck, the lowest high in the next 10 days is forecast to be 83.

Maybe next week on our days off, if it's still hot but not raining, we'll head up to Lansing and go to the little water park there. Or maybe go to the beach or something.

Either's nasty outside!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Truck...

Well, I had been planning on getting that little buggy as my next RC car, but I started would be REALLY similar to the Circuit that I already have. And since my Circuit is designed mainly to race around the little track I've made, it didn't seem to make much sense to go with another vehicle that would basically be the same thing.

Now, I'm not saying I won't get that buggy eventually...but for now, I wanted something that would be a bit more "do-it-all." I wanted something that could go on the track, in the street, on the front lawn, in the gravel parking lot near the house, pretty much anywhere.

So, I decided to go with the ElectrixRC monster truck...the Ruckus!!!

The Ruckus fits the bill for what I'm looking for, and should be an excellent addition to my collection. This will give me something to just bash around the yard with, instead of being really racey and purpose built.

I already have a couple of things that I can use to upgrade it, like a steering servo and a receiver, but the drive shafts that I have purchased won't work on it, they were only for the buggy. That's not a big deal, though, I can get a new set of drive shafts to put on this, as well.

The best part?? It's bigger than my Circuits...and lots of different bodies fit on it. I think I'm going to leave the stock body on it until it's trashed, then I'm going to go with a Baja Bug body...

Overall, I think the Ruckus is going to be great. I love driving on my little track, and that's what CircuitONE is for...but I also like just driving around, and that's what the Ruckus is going to be for!!!

My other Circuit, CircuitTWO, will basically be left as it is and be able to be used by people that are at the house but don't have their own trucks. It'll be perfect for that.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Temperature Issues Taken Care Of...

Today I took 30 minutes off of work and headed to Just 4 Fun. Luckily, they had several pinion gears in stock, so I bought a few of them.

When I got home tonight, I first started with the theory that I was undergeared, and slapped in a 23t pinion. Well, that didn't work, as within about 5 minutes my temps were BLAZING hot. So I let the car cool down a bit, then swapped in a 21t pinion...which is what I thought I was having good luck with before. Again, it ran good for about 5 minutes, but after that started to get a bit into the "dangerous" zone of the temperatures.

It was then that I found out that I had probably been measuring the temps wrong all along. See, ever since I had the heat issue with the timing, I've been taking the temperature by basically just shoving the temp gun right onto the motor. Before, I had been aiming it at the motor, and I believe I was "missing" a bit, as at such close proximity the laser actually shows you a spot slightly above what you are measuring. So I had been measuring effectively what was "under" the motor...and not getting good readings.

So I switched everything out to the 17t pinion, thinking that if gearing higher wasn't working, maybe gearing lower would.

To my satisfaction, I got very good temps with the 17t pinion. Not only that, but the truck also ran better for what I use it for on the track. After 5 minutes of running I was at 135 degrees. After 10, about 145. After my entire 3500mah battery, about 155.

Those are VERY good temperatures, and I definitely think that I'll be leaving the 17t pinion on there. I MAY try to gear it back up to 18 or 19 once I get my fan on the motor, but I like the way it drives so much at 17 that I will probably just leave it there.

I'll be testing it once more tomorrow, just to make sure that I am still seeing those same types of temperatures...but I'm pretty sure I've got it all figured out now!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Radio Control Buggy...

I've got two Stadium Trucks...and now I want to work on something else.

I've heard that buggies are supposed to be really responsive and handle really well. So I've been thinking that maybe I'll give a buggy a try.

I'm looking to stay with the ElectrixRC brand, and go with their brand new buggy...the Boost.

It's the same price as both of my Circuits, at $120, and comes with everything you need to run. I've actually already purchased a few upgrade parts for it, so it's pretty much a lock that I'm going to get one.

I'll be doing the same types of upgrades to it as I have to the first Circuit. It'll have new tires, a new brushless motor system, LiPo batteries, and I'm going to do some amazing suspension stuff, because on the buggy the shocks and springs are so clearly visible.

This is what the Boost looks like.

I think it's a pretty sweet looking car. It looks like it's just begging to be modified.

The best part about the Boost is that it's ROAR legal, which means that if I were to go to a real RC race track, it can legally compete for prizes and stuff.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well, I've been working on my RC truck pretty much since I got it.

In fact, I now have two of them...and I refer to them as CircuitONE and CircuitTWO.

So far, CircuitTWO is basically just for me to pull parts off of when they break on CircuitONE. However, I then purchase the parts and replace them on CircuitTWO.

However, CircuitTWO will be getting some attention really I've almost gotten to the point where CircuitONE is built to the way that I want it to be. It's got a brushless motor, new tires, it's suspension is set up well, 2.4ghz receiver, LiPo batteries...the works. The only thing left for it, really, is a custom made body and MAYBE some new shocks and springs.

But for the time being, here's a picture of how CircuitONE sits...

I think it's pretty cool looking.


Today on our day off, after the birthday party, Cathy and I came home and watched "Rango" on DVD.

It was definitely odd, but pretty entertaining.

It's kind of an animated movie that I'm not sure kids would like as much as adults. It just seemed a bit more geared towards adults to me for some reason.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day Off...

Tomorrow, Cathy and I have the day off to go to a birthday party for my grandmother.

It's going to be nice having the day off, and I'm sure the party won't last all day, so we'll get some time to maybe do something fun. But probably not. We'll probably end up coming home after the party and watching a DVD...which actually is fine by me.

I'd much rather be at home watching a DVD than at work any day!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bath Time!!!

Last night it was time...time for Cooper to have a bath.

He's been having some issues that I think are related to dry skin. Basically, he's getting little cuts on his back that lead to scabs, and then they heal over and some of his fur falls out when the scabs fall out. He went to the vet and the vet didn't think they were any kind of parasites, so it makes me believe that it must be something to do with dry skin.

He's never had any problems with food allergies, which is generally the number one cause of skin issues in I figured before trying to switch his food, I would try to give him a bath with some nice hydrating dog shampoo.

Oddly enough, it was probably about time anyways...because he was FILTHY!!!!

He jumped into the tub all on his own, almost like he knew what was coming and wanted to get cleaned up!!! He was really good the whole time, and as I guessed...he was absolutely filthy. I actually washed him twice, and even the second time you could still tell that the shampoo was dirty as I was rinsing it off of him.

Today, his coat is nice and clean...he feels soft...and he doesn't smell like a dog!!! He actually smells good!!!

Hopefully this will help with his skin issues. If not, we may go back to the vet and start talking about some potential ideas for combating what may end up being an allergy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horrible Bosses...

Today Cathy and I went to the theater. We went to see the new movie "Horrible Bosses."

I was expecting it to have a few more "laugh out loud" type of moments than it did, but overall I thought it was pretty good.

I REALLY liked Jennifer Aniston's character. She was hilarious in a role that she normally doesn't play. She was really dirty, and some of the things she said just didn't seem right coming out of her mouth, which made them even more funny.

I wouldn't say it's the best comedy of the year...I still personally think that "The Hangover Part 2" was the best, even though it didn't get the best reviews...but overall, it was worth the admission fee.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Grand Rapids!!!!

Today Alex, Jason, and myself headed to Grand Rapids to finish a trade. I had arranged for Alex to trade his beat up old RC10 for a newer Traxxas Slash with a guy that I met on Ultimate RC, which is the forum I've been learning about RC cars on.

We met at the airport at 1:00 and then headed to Rider's Hobby Shop on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. We met Jeff there and made the trade right away, then we hit Rider's and looked around. We didn't find anything there, so we went to another shop that Jeff had told us about. They had some tires that I liked there, but no foams to go in the tires so I ended up passing on them. Finally, we went to Twisted RC and looked around...which was pretty awesome. There was so much stuffed jammed into a tiny little store that it was hard to find things. I got some foams there, then we headed back to the second store and I got the tires I had been looking at.

We then decided to find something for dinner. We ended up stopping at Quaker Steak and Lube, which is basically a bar type place. It's really cool on the inside, it has a bunch of stuff that makes it seem like you're inside an oil change place. Jason and I got all you can eat wings, and Alex had a steak. The food was really good...I actually tried something ridiculous...

What was that??

A 500,000 Scoville Unit hot wing. I finished one, and it burned my mouth, made me cry, and I made the waitress take them away!!!

After we ate, we headed home. Alex came down to our house and I soldered up a few batteries for him, and then he raced on the track for a bit. I think he really likes the Slash.

It was a fun day. Jason should've brought his truck so he could have come down and raced, too. Maybe next time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Continues to Get Better Every Week...

Alright, let me get this out there right off the bat. I LOVE me some "Hawaii Five-0" and have to watch it every week...but "Falling Skies" has become the closest thing to "LOST" for me since, well, "LOST."

See, with "H5-0" I could DVR it and watch it a few days later. With "Falling Skies," I'm DVRing it just so I can watch it without commercials, because I start it about 3/4 of the way through the show.

So far, every episode has been better than the one before it, and the show continues to just get better and better. I believe that the show has done a FANTASTIC job of answering questions, but posing new ones consistently to keep you wanting to watch, but not getting frustrated with a lack of answers.

So far, I believe the series has been amazing, and it appears that TNT agrees with me (and the millions of other people watching) because it has already been announced, in less than one month, that the series has been renewed for a second season.

Looks like I'll have at least one more year of loving this!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Captain 3,000....

Today, in a pretty amazing 5-5 performance, Derek Jeter became the 28th member of the 3,000 Hit Club in Major League Baseball. That's pretty elite company considering the sport has been played for 142 years.

He got the 2,999th hit in the first inning, and I told my friend Mike at work that I wanted the 3,000th to be a home run.

Then, in the third, there it was. A solo shot for number 3,000. Impressive.

The guy seems like he's always been a good guy, always been clean, and is as professional as a professional athlete can possibly be. I say, it couldn't have happened to a better guy.

I read an article on Bleacher Report today that said, in essence, that if you don't like Derek Jeter, you just don't get sports...and I agree on that. If you don't respect what this guy has done, then you aren't a sports fan. Even if you hate the Yankees, which I know many people do, Jeter still deserves the respect.

After he did it, DJ3K stuff went on sale in Yankee Stadium, and I was looking at it...and I think this jersey is just great...

Again, congrats to Derek Jeter!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brushless Setup Finished...

...and wow, what a difference!!!

My truck is so much faster now. It basically makes it down the straight away in the track in the blink of an eye.

It also seems to run longer, which is crazy. Not only is it twice as fast, but it's also got a longer run time. That's pretty impressive, and really goes to show you how much more efficient a brushless motor is than a brushed one.

Overall, I'm really happy with the setup. It's fast, but not too fast, and the ESC has the ability to add significantly more powerful engines if I ever decide to do that.

But to be honest, I don't think I'll need anything like that any time soon. It's great exactly as it is!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still Waiting...

...for the motor and ESC that I purchased to go into one of my trucks.

I ordered it over a week ago, and in fact it shipped out over a week ago. The tracking shows that it's been taking a really round about way to make it to me. Instead of coming straight from Lexington to my house, it went somewhere in Pennsylvania first. So instead of travelling 350 miles, it has gone over 700.

More than twice the distance required. That's a model of efficiency!!!

I'm not really mad. I'm just getting a bit impatient.

Luckily, it got here to Michigan today, and the location that it's at is usually the last one something goes to before it comes to me. So I'm hoping it will be here tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great TV...

I have found that a great TV show is shown early in the morning on TBS.

What show might that be??

Yup, "Home Improvement."

It's a show that I remember being funny when it was new, and it's definitely still funny today. I've been lucky enough to catch it from the beginning, so I'm seeing a lot of the original episodes.

It's one of those shows that, much like "Married With Children," is just timelessly funny.

It makes me want to buy the entire set on DVD...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Enjoy your Independence Day!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Slow Weekend at Work...

Holiday weekends are generally slow at work, but this one is going to be particularly slow.

We ended up getting to go home about 4 hours early today because there wasn't anything to do, and on Monday we'll end up getting to home a couple of hours early as well because of a slight schedule change.

It's nice to be slow, but not painfully slow.

I'll be looking forward to getting out a few hours early on the Fourth of July. Should help us get home before traffic backs up with people trying to get to the mall to watch fireworks.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Amazon has really spoiled me when it comes to shipping times. I get things in two business days, and if I pay $4 I get them overnight.

So when I order things from other vendors, even a few days worth of shipping makes me think it's too long. I know it's not, but Amazon has really made me impatient when it comes to waiting for things in the mail.

I've been finding that with my RC truck, most things that I need for it aren't sold on Amazon, so I've been having to get used to waiting a bit longer for parts and accessories.

For example, I've been waiting for my new motor and speed control to show up for a few days now. I was hoping it would have been here on Thursday, but it didn't arrive then and it didn't come today, either. Now I'm really hoping it comes tomorrow, because if it doesn't then I won't get it until Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday.

Like I said, Amazon has spoiled me...but I'm trying to be patient with this stuff!!