Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruckus is Brushless...

So I got the brushless setup put into the monster truck.

It was REALLY fast...for about 5 minutes...then BOOM!!!! I blew up the transmission.

I cracked it open to find out that I had stripped the idler gear something fierce. Basically, I had the brake setting on the truck turned up too high, and when I hit the brake at full speed, it was just too much for the plastic gears and it destroyed them.

I pulled the tranny out of the truck and then took the tranny out of CircuitTWO. I put that one into the Ruckus and adjusted everything correctly then took it for another spin.'s pretty fast. I'd say upwards of about 35 MPH, and it's geared low enough that I could get another 10 MPH out of it pretty easily.

The Ruckus doesn't seem quite as refined as the Circuit, but it's definitely fun to drive out on the road. It goes fast enough that a sharp turn sends it flipping down the street, but it usually lands on it's wheels just so it can keep right on going.

Overall, I really like driving it. I'll probably be getting some new wheels and tires for it next week some time, and maybe even a new body.

Of course, I also have to order some parts so that I can fix the transmission and get it back in CircuitTWO. Poor gets parts taken out of it so often. Oh well, at least it's always getting the brand new stuff put back into it!!!

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