Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Grand Rapids!!!!

Today Alex, Jason, and myself headed to Grand Rapids to finish a trade. I had arranged for Alex to trade his beat up old RC10 for a newer Traxxas Slash with a guy that I met on Ultimate RC, which is the forum I've been learning about RC cars on.

We met at the airport at 1:00 and then headed to Rider's Hobby Shop on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. We met Jeff there and made the trade right away, then we hit Rider's and looked around. We didn't find anything there, so we went to another shop that Jeff had told us about. They had some tires that I liked there, but no foams to go in the tires so I ended up passing on them. Finally, we went to Twisted RC and looked around...which was pretty awesome. There was so much stuffed jammed into a tiny little store that it was hard to find things. I got some foams there, then we headed back to the second store and I got the tires I had been looking at.

We then decided to find something for dinner. We ended up stopping at Quaker Steak and Lube, which is basically a bar type place. It's really cool on the inside, it has a bunch of stuff that makes it seem like you're inside an oil change place. Jason and I got all you can eat wings, and Alex had a steak. The food was really good...I actually tried something ridiculous...

What was that??

A 500,000 Scoville Unit hot wing. I finished one, and it burned my mouth, made me cry, and I made the waitress take them away!!!

After we ate, we headed home. Alex came down to our house and I soldered up a few batteries for him, and then he raced on the track for a bit. I think he really likes the Slash.

It was a fun day. Jason should've brought his truck so he could have come down and raced, too. Maybe next time.

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