Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bath Time!!!

Last night it was time...time for Cooper to have a bath.

He's been having some issues that I think are related to dry skin. Basically, he's getting little cuts on his back that lead to scabs, and then they heal over and some of his fur falls out when the scabs fall out. He went to the vet and the vet didn't think they were any kind of parasites, so it makes me believe that it must be something to do with dry skin.

He's never had any problems with food allergies, which is generally the number one cause of skin issues in I figured before trying to switch his food, I would try to give him a bath with some nice hydrating dog shampoo.

Oddly enough, it was probably about time anyways...because he was FILTHY!!!!

He jumped into the tub all on his own, almost like he knew what was coming and wanted to get cleaned up!!! He was really good the whole time, and as I guessed...he was absolutely filthy. I actually washed him twice, and even the second time you could still tell that the shampoo was dirty as I was rinsing it off of him.

Today, his coat is nice and clean...he feels soft...and he doesn't smell like a dog!!! He actually smells good!!!

Hopefully this will help with his skin issues. If not, we may go back to the vet and start talking about some potential ideas for combating what may end up being an allergy.

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