Friday, July 1, 2011


Amazon has really spoiled me when it comes to shipping times. I get things in two business days, and if I pay $4 I get them overnight.

So when I order things from other vendors, even a few days worth of shipping makes me think it's too long. I know it's not, but Amazon has really made me impatient when it comes to waiting for things in the mail.

I've been finding that with my RC truck, most things that I need for it aren't sold on Amazon, so I've been having to get used to waiting a bit longer for parts and accessories.

For example, I've been waiting for my new motor and speed control to show up for a few days now. I was hoping it would have been here on Thursday, but it didn't arrive then and it didn't come today, either. Now I'm really hoping it comes tomorrow, because if it doesn't then I won't get it until Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday.

Like I said, Amazon has spoiled me...but I'm trying to be patient with this stuff!!

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