Thursday, June 30, 2011

New 360!!!

Today the new Xbox 360 and the Kinect showed up.

I got the 360 hooked up, and I even found an HDMI cable to use with it, which I thought I was going to have to order. I got "Bad Compay 2's" downloadable content put on the new 360, and got some play time in with the new console.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with it. It looks better on our TV stand, it's quieter, it's wireless seems to work better, and it seems to run a bit cooler. Overall, it's a definite upgrade from the old box. Now I just need to figure out what to do with my old one. There's a guy at work that wanted to buy one a few weeks ago...maybe I'll see if he's still interested in buying one and sell him my old one for a good price.

Cathy's Kinect, on the other hand...didn't end up being such a great initial experience. Apparently the Kinect needs a different type of power adapter, and the new 360 has that build into it. If you don't have the new 360, however, you have to buy a separate plug to get the thing to work. Of course, with me getting the new Xbox and Cathy getting the Kinect, we are going to need that special power cord. Cathy ordered one today, and it should show up on Friday...but until then, she can't really even try out her Kinect.

That's alright, though, she also ordered a game for it that she wanted, so they should come at the same time and give her something to play with the new camera.

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