Saturday, June 4, 2011

Upgraded Motor in Truck...

I got the upgraded motor in the truck, but unfortunately my test to determine increases in speed was flawed.

See, by doing the "100 foot dash" from a stop, I was only getting an average speed over that distance.

The upgraded motor seems quite a bit faster for a top speed...however, it has less torque than the old motor, so in a drag race from a stop, the higher torque lower speed motor has an advantage.

See, what was basically happening...the old motor would hit it's top speed in probably about 20 feet then maintain that top speed until the end of the run. The new motor takes probably about 150 feet to hit it's top speed, so it's not even going as fast as possible during the run.

So what essentially showed up in the timing?? Both motors did the EXACT same time over 100 feet. The higher torque motor was more in it's element than the higher speed motor in that type of test, so fundamentally the test was flawed.

The new motor does SEEM much faster. I was driving it on the road tonight and I was easily able to keep up with a van driving down the street, and the speed limit is 25 MPH so I'm guessing the van was going SOMEWHERE near that speed.

The LiPo batteries should be here on Monday, and everyone is telling me they should be a HUGE improvement over the stock battery in both speed and overall performance.

I'm looking forward to getting them in the truck!!

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