Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gorgeous Outside...

Today it was absolutely perfect outside. Mid 70s and not a cloud in the sky.

I got up and got the lawn mowed. After I mowed the lawn, I noticed a box on the front porch. My drive shafts!!!!

So I took the truck and got the new shaft in it and the rings on it. I then threw a battery into it and took it outside for a drive. Got a good 20 minutes of driving in without any issues at all. It ran like a dream!!!

After that, Cathy and I decided to head to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We both ended up getting breakfast stuff. It was pretty good.

We came home and I ran up to the baseball field to run the truck again. Unfortunately, my tires are so bald now that it won't go very well in the just wants to sit there and spin in circles!!! After I get my new all terrain tires, I'll order some dirt tires to put on the stock rims so that I can drive in the dirt easily again. So I ended up just driving it in the parking lot at the park for a while. Some kids came and talked to me about it...they were really amused by it, especially when I'd crash it.

I came back and then Cathy and I watched "Jackass 3.5." It's basically an entire movie made out of stunts that didn't make their way into "Jackass 3D." It was pretty hilarious. I especially liked the bit with an RC helicopter that had a couple of paintball guns mounted to it. Awesome.

When we got done with the movie, Cathy and I decided to play some "Mortal Kombat" together. She kicked my butt for a good long while, then we ended up playing as a team in the ladder tournament. We got all the way to the end of the "tag" portion of the tournament, and then go wiped out by the first boss. After that we called it quits, but we will definitely be playing it again.
It was originally supposed to be nice outside again on Wednesday, but that forecast has changed to 30-50% chance of rain. Oh well, I guess if it rains I'll just stay inside and keep playing "Mortal Kombat." Oh yah, my new wheels for the truck should be here tomorrow, too, so I can get those put on. That, and Cathy and I got a new board game that maybe we'll try...

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