Friday, June 10, 2011

New Stuff for the Truck...

Tonight I ordered a new servo for the steering of the truck. Cost about $10 and should help the truck turn more quickly and more reliably.

But more importantly than that, I ordered a new 2.4ghz radio to replace the AM radio that came with the truck. It's an awesome radio. It will have longer range, provide quicker response, and most importantly it uses batteries at a much lower rate than an AM system, so I will actually save money in the long run by not going through batteries as quickly.

On top of that, the radio can be set to control up to ten different vehicles, so when I get more cars and trucks I'll be able to control them with this one radio.

I also am getting another truck. A guy that works at the cafe at the airport has a couple year old truck that he doesn't use. He broke a steering link on it and it needs to be replaced, but it's only a couple of dollars worth of repairs. Other than that it's in good shape. He's selling it to me for $10. I figure for that price, even if it's beat pretty hard it is worth it.

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