Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congrats to the Bruins...

I was cheering for Vancouver, because I have an inherent dislike for all the sports teams in Boston that stems from my hatred of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots...but with that said, I feel that Boston played the MUCH better series, and they deserved to win The Cup. I guess if it had to be the team that I didn't want, at least it was an Original Six team.

Now the only Original Six team that hasn't won a Stanley Cup in the last 20 years is the Toronto Maple Leafs. They last won The Cup in 1967. The other five teams have all won since 1993.

Montreal in 1993
New York Rangers in 1994
Detroit Red Wings in 1997, 98, 02, 08
Chicago Blackhawks in 2010
Boston Bruins in 2011

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