Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tires and Wheels...

Well, I've not driven my truck a ton, but I've driven it enough that the dirt centric tires that came on it have started to wear down. I knew it was going to happen, especially since I do most of my driving with it on the street.

So it is already time to get some new, more all terrain tires.

I decided to go with the Electrix all terrain tires, and they come on different rims. What I figure I will do by having two sets of rims is have one set with dirt focused tires on it, and the other set with more steet/all terrain oriented tires on it. That way I don't have to fiddle around with taking tires on and off if I am going to be driving on the road or on the dirt.

The normal rims on the truck are chrome, but the new ones are black. I think they're going to look really good!!!

I got them on Amazon, so I got a good price for them and free shipping. They should be here on Wednesday.

Hopefully my drive shafts come on Tuesday, so that I can get them fixed. Then when the new wheels come I can just throw them on and hit the road!!!!

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