Monday, June 27, 2011

New Xbox 360...

For a while now, my Xbox 360 has been acting up a bit. It makes a funny sound when discs aren't in it, almost like something is loose. Also, my 360 is old enough that it doesn't have HDMI inputs on it, which means that it's not getting the best surround sound or graphics that it could.

Oh yah, I also have needed a new controller for a little while now, and those run $50 by themselves.

In a separate story...Cathy has wanted an Xbox Kinect for a little while now, and has been waiting for it to go on sale at Amazon or anywhere for that matter.

Today, she found on Amazon that they had the 4gb Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for $299 with a $100 Amazon gift card thrown in. So basically, what we did, was buy the bundle and split the cost. So for $150 I got a new 4gb Xbox 360 console that has the new smaller design, the wireless built in, and HDMI output.

To add to that, I found a 250gb hard drive to go with the console for only $40, where Microsoft still charges $129.99 for their hard drive. The one I found has 105 or so five star reviews out of 115 total reviews on Amazon. The only downside is apparently it doesn't have the emulator software on it to play original Xbox games, but that's okay because I don't have any original Xbox games that I want to play.

So, for a total of $190 I got a brand new Xbox 360 with everything I wanted. Not that it's a big deal, but when you add the 250gb hard drive to a 4gb 360, you actually end up with 254gb of space. Seeing as it comes with a controller, and I needed a new one of those, I effectively got the console and the drive for $140. Compare that to the $299.99 that the standard 360 with the 250gb drive costs, and I would have to say that I got quite a deal!!!!

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