Sunday, July 17, 2011

Radio Control Buggy...

I've got two Stadium Trucks...and now I want to work on something else.

I've heard that buggies are supposed to be really responsive and handle really well. So I've been thinking that maybe I'll give a buggy a try.

I'm looking to stay with the ElectrixRC brand, and go with their brand new buggy...the Boost.

It's the same price as both of my Circuits, at $120, and comes with everything you need to run. I've actually already purchased a few upgrade parts for it, so it's pretty much a lock that I'm going to get one.

I'll be doing the same types of upgrades to it as I have to the first Circuit. It'll have new tires, a new brushless motor system, LiPo batteries, and I'm going to do some amazing suspension stuff, because on the buggy the shocks and springs are so clearly visible.

This is what the Boost looks like.

I think it's a pretty sweet looking car. It looks like it's just begging to be modified.

The best part about the Boost is that it's ROAR legal, which means that if I were to go to a real RC race track, it can legally compete for prizes and stuff.

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