Thursday, July 21, 2011

Falling Skies...

So, I continue to watch this show...and I continue to think that every episode continues to get better and better.

The only issue so far, is that I'm not sure what they're going to do for the second season. The show got picked up for the second season after only like three episodes, but it was only slated for a 10 episode first season. I'm going to guess that the writers and producers had an idea for where they wanted the show to go, and possibly end, in that entire 10 episodes just in case they didn't get a second season. So it will be interesting to see if it starts to feel just a bit stretched out to get the story arc to cover two seasons, or if they have a logical end to this first story arc that can then be extended in season two.

Either way...something that is interesting is there's not much information about what happened when the aliens first invaded. Remember, the show takes place six months or so after the invasion.

I guess the way that they have covered with this...

It's a 104 page graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics that covers the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

It's only about $10 on Amazon, so I just ordered it. It's supposedly a pretty good story.

I've never read a graphic novel, or really any comic book for that it's going to be interesting reading one. I'm thinking I'll like it, considering how much I like the show so far.

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