Monday, December 6, 2010

Fantasy Football Update...

So, it was an up and down week for me this week.

I ended up losing a few and winning a few.

First off, in my league, I ended up losing. I sat Big Ben because I figured with his banged up foot and going against the Ravens he wouldn't have had a good game. I started Brett Favre. Obviously if you watch any of the NFL, you know how that turned out. Big Ben ended up getting 12 points...Brett ended up throwing a pick on his first pass and then got he got -2 points. Go figure, I lost the game by 10. Had I started Big Ben like I was originally planning, I'd have won by 4 points. Oh well. I fall to 8-5 in that league, but I've got a playoff spot locked up. I'm in fourth right now, and I play the guy in third next week, which will determine which of us ends up third.

Then, in my TSA league, I was losing by 8 going into the game on Monday night. I had Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes. Should have been an easy win, right?? Well, Sanchez's three picks didn't help, but I managed to get NINE points and come away with a one point win. I will climb to 10-3, have the second seed going into the playoffs, and play against a guy who's team is pretty beat up.

In my first Yahoo Public league, the one that I was tied for first (but in second because of points) I ended up getting a win. I will climb to 11-2, and the guy that I was tied with lost to fall to 10-3, so I will be alone in first place again. I've already locked up a playoff spot in that league, so we're just fighting for positioning now.

In my second Yahoo Public league, I came back on the Monday night game to get a win to climb to 6-7. Believe it or not, I'm still technically not out of the playoffs in that league. I don't think I'll end up making the playoffs, but I would really like to fight back to 7-7 in that league. I started 1-3 and was 3-7 in that league, so getting to .500 would be awesome.

In my ESPN league I got trounced, and I will fall to 7-6. I don't think I'll be making the playoffs in that league, but it's lame because overall I think I'm fourth...but I'm third in my division, which means I'll miss the playoffs...but had I been in the other division I'd probably be in.

So that makes me 42-23 on the season...not bad considering how in a couple of those leagues I was under .500 after the first six weeks. I've made more roster moves this year than I have in the past, and luckily some of them have paid off big time.

On top of all of this, I had the best overall record in my Pick'Em league for the second straight week. I actually gained TWENTY points on the guy in I'm now up by 23 in that league. In three weeks I went from second place and down 22 points, to first and up by 23. I'm 72 points ahead of the guy in third, and 76 points ahead of the guy in fourth. So basically it's looking like it's going to be a match between myself and Scott (the guy in second) for the last four weeks.

Overall, a pretty solid performance this week.

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