Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day Two...

I had the alarm set today for 9:00...but then were woken up at 7:00.

We hit a place called "The Gazebo" for breakfast. Waited about an hour, but it was worth it. The food was AMAZING.

When we got back, everyone got ready and we hit the water. I skipped the pool and went right straight to the Pacific Ocean.

The water was great, and it was a bit windy. We swam in the ocean for a while, then hit the pool for a bit. After that, we came in to get dried off and get some renting done.

Cathy, George, my dad, and I went to rent me a paddle board. It ended up being a bit more than I had planned on spending, but the place I had planned on renting from wasn't open. Oh well. It's vacation, right?? We then hit Snorkel Bob's to get some rental snorkel gear...which was awesome. They rent prescription masks, so Cathy and I both got prescriptions that match us perfectly.

We came back, and I figured that it was time to try out the board...I spent enough on it, might as well get some money's worth out of it.

It was windy and choppy, and I was not very successful. At first, though, I couldn't even get up on the board on my knees, which is how they suggest to start. I was able to get around on my knees pretty well, but every time I went to stand up I fell off almost instantly. I think a lot of it was the wind and waves. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I'll be able to get a bit better cooperation from the ocean, and hopefully that will translate to a bit more success. If not, I may have to travel a bit south to get some flatter water. I found a couple of places that I saw already that was a bit flatter, and the guy that rented me the board suggested that if I headed further south I'd find really good water.

The good part about the day was the weather cooperated pretty well. It rained off and on, but nothing that really put a damper on anything. It's supposed to rain a bit more tomorrow, but then the forecast is looking a lot better for the remainder of the trip.

The rain that has happened over the last couple of days has made some of the snorkeling not very good, but the guy that rented us the equipment told us a good place to go. So we might give that a try tomorrow, as well.

I also got a souveneir. It's a tiki that was hand carved. Really cool.

Also, so far, every single person that I've interacted with here has been SO friendly. It's definitely a change of pace from pretty much everywhere I've ever been. Awesome.

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