Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cathy Got a Wii.

So Cathy had been wanting a Wii for a while. I personally am not a huge fan of the Wii. I don't have anything really against it. I got one on launch day with HUGE expectations. Six months later and not a game purchased in 4 of those months, I sold mine for more than I paid for it. It simply didn't seem to be coming with games that a player like me would be interested in.

But with that said, I can see the appeal of the system. It is fun. It's not hardcore like my beloved Xbox 360. It doesn't have amazing HD graphics like my beloved Xbox 360. But what it has are fun, interesting, niche games for people to play.

She bought the Wii with some of the bonus money that she got from work. She also got a game, which unfortunately she wishes she didn't get. It's "Animal Crossing" for the Wii...and although more than likely a good game, she has it for the DS and didn't realize when buying it that it is virtually the same game.

She will probably get the "Rayman" game soon, as she seemed interested in that. I think that both of us are interested in "Wii Fit" and there's a few games that I'm interested in...but the main one is Rapalla Fishing...but it seems to get just okay reviews.

All in all I'm glad she got it. She has been talking about one for a long time, and I knew she wanted one. So I'm glad she treated herself to it...I didn't think that she would.

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