Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Presents

So I'm starting to think about things that I will be getting people for Christmas. I have a few ideas for things for Cathy. A couple that she has mentioned in the past that I'm sure she's forgotten about. But a few good ones in my opinion.

My parents are the other people that I buy gifts for, and I have NO idea what to get them right now. My mom reads the blog so I won't post any of the ideas out there...mainly because they aren't very good ones just yet!!! I have one idea in mind, but I've been having trouble finding it, so I may have to abandon that idea for the time being.

As far as what I've asked for...well, nothing really. I really don't know what I want at all this year. I've asked Cathy for a couple of random odds and ends...including one really cool model of a working trebuchet (ancient catapult).

I've also asked for an RC boat, but the one I wanted isn't at the store anymore so I don't know if that's something that I'm interested in. I had originally intended to take it out on the kayak with me to have some extra fun while I was out on the boat. I might end up asking for some accessories or games or something for some of the many game consoles we have laying around the house. One other thing that I could use is a nice life vest for the kayak. But I think I'd like to try those things on instead of just buying from the web, and seeing as it's winter now, it would probably be difficult to go and try them on. So basically, I really have no idea what I want for Christmas. I'll try to come up with some things in the next few days. I've been looking through some of the numerous catalogs that we've gotten recently to find some cool things that I don't normally see in stores...and I've got a couple of things in mind to at the very least go back and check out again.

As far as what Cathy AND I want (in case you're reading mom!!!) is the same type of thing you've done for the last few years. We like the idea of having a small trip somewhere. Chicago, Niagara Falls again (we had an absolute blast there), or just about anywhere. We really like that type of gift because it allows us to get out of Dodge for a few days without having to break the bank ourselves!!!!!

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