Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rock Band for Wii

So last night I had gone to Meijer to get some quick groceries to make dinner. While I was there I was checking out the video games. Cathy and I had been talking about picking up "Rock Band" for one of the consoles. She likes singing games ("Singstar" and "American Idol") and I like the guitar games. So I figured that "Rock Band" would allow us to do both at the same time...not to mention give us a drum set to actually try playing!!!

So anyways, I checked it out and Meijer had the cheapest price of all on the original "Rock Band Special Edition." Other stores are still selling the Wii version for $110, but Meijer had it for $99. So tonight we went back and picked it up.

We got the "Special Edition" of the game which comes with the game with 63 songs, the guitar, the microphone, and the drum set. So basically the ONLY thing you could add would be another guitar to use as a bass.

I didn't get a chance to set it up tonight, but definitely will get it up tomorrow so we can try it out!!!

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