Monday, January 23, 2012


Today Cathy and I took the day off and went to the Shrine Circus in town.

It ended up costing us $14 total because we had a coupon for a free ticket. We got there and the lines were HUGE. We got in and got some seats, though, and enjoyed the show quite a bit.

We had about an hour and twenty minutes of show time before what we thought was the end. It turned out to just be the intermission, though, so we got a drink and a couple of inflatable animals (what trip to the circus is complete without some inflatable animals?) and waited...and waited.

Turns out the intermission was nearly an hour long. After about 40 minutes, we both decided we were hungry so we ended up leaving before the second part of the show. Cathy heard some people mentioning that the second part of the show wasn't nearly as long as the first, so we don't really think we missed much.

Either way, we had a really good time...and we definitely got our $14 worth out of the tickets.

After that, we headed to Logan's Road House for dinner. It had been AGES since I had been to Logan's, and the dinner was great.

We then headed home. It turned out to be a pretty awesome day. Lots of fun!!

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