Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New RC Truck...

Well, I got an Amazon gift card for spending a bajillion dollars with my debit card this last year, so I put it to good use.

It's a 1/18th scale Electrix Smash. It's tiny. It's slow. But it's pretty cool.

I ended up ordering some LiPo batteries for it right away, which should liven it up quite a bit. See, it runs stock on 4 AA size batteries, which are going to give it anywhere between 5.2 and about 5.7 volts on a good day...especially with the cheap batteries I had laying around. The LiPo packs will put it up to 8.4 volts, so that alone should make it quite a bit quicker.

I plan on using it to drive around the yard and the street and stuff. It's definitely not designed for a track, but with this I can focus on getting the other cars all set for the track. I have the Circuit, the Boost, and the XT2e for the track...so this little guy will be awesome around the yard!!!

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