Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good News About the Taurus...

Today I got the results of the tests from the Ford dealership on the Taurus.

I had taken it in last Thursday because I found out that my catalytic converter that has gone bad may have still been under warranty. They scheduled the car for a diagnostic today.

The results?? The catalyst failed for no reason and it will be replaced free of charge!!

That's great news, considering the amount of money that it was probably going to cost me. The cheapest replacement I had found was nearly $400 just for the part, and the labor was going to be another couple hundred. Now, I'm getting a much better quality Ford OE part (which costs nearly $1400) and getting it put in for no charge.

I'm really happy that I ended up finding out about the warranty on emissions components. It ended up saving me a ton of money!!

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