Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not Been Posting Much on the Blog...

I haven't been posting much on the blog. Probably because not a lot has been going on.

So, you might ask, what have I been doing lately?? Well, I've been playing a TON of "Battlefield Bad Company 2." I found a group of people to play with that are really fun to play with, so that's what I've been spending most of my time doing.

I've had a goal for a long time in the game, of getting to a 3-1 kill/death ratio...and since I started playing with this group, I've gotten pretty close to it. I'm currently at 2.97:1 and should be at 3:1 within the next week or so.

Other than that, I really haven't been doing much. I've played with the new A70 tablet a lot and built a really cool puppet...but other than that, not much has been going on lately.

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