Friday, February 10, 2012

Single Rotor Heli...

I had purchased a Blade 120 SR from The Toy House last week. It's a single rotor fixed pitch heli, which makes it quite a bit more difficult to fly than the mCX that I also got.

I found out, however, that mine was extra difficult to fly because it was missing a vertical tail fin, so I ordered one on Ebay.

It showed up today, so I had to try out the 120 in the basement.

Now, this heli is actually designed to be flown outdoors more than it is indoors, so I was really just trying to get it to hover, to see how much different it actually is from flying the mCX.

After a bit of trying, and quite a bit of trimming, I was finally able to get it to hover in one place in the basement. I then started giving it a bit of control input, and noticed immediately how much faster it is than the mCX.

Overall, I think it's going to be an amazing thing to fly. It seems pretty quick, yet it's also stable. Everything that a beginner wants!!!

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