Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stupid Computer...

Tonight while I was doing some typing, my space bar started sticking. I was able to kind of get it to work again by kind of pressing on it pretty hard. But then a few seconds later, the "x" button wasn't working right.

I was trying to press it and pull it a bit to try and free it up. It didn't seem to want to work. Then, while I was pressing it, it just fell off of the keyboard.

Upon further inspection, the little metal clip that holds it onto the computer was broken, and the plastic clip that is basically like a lever to keep it in place was also broken.

Had it just been the key, I probably could have ordered just a replacement key...but seeing as the metal on the computer itself broke, I ended up having to order an entire new keyboard.

Now, let's just hope it gets here fast, and when it does, let's hope I can actually put it on the dang computer.

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