Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Watch??

I have really enjoyed the watch that I got a couple of weeks ago from Amazon. I wear it almost everywhere except to work, and I like having it on.

With that said, I'm thinking about maybe getting one that I could wear to work. The Russian Diver is a bit large for something that I would want to wear at work. The other day I got an e-mail from Amazon telling me about the weekly Invicta Watch Deal.

It's got an ostrich leather strap and is a bit smaller than the Russian Diver, which would make it better for wearing to work. Less noticeable and more "watch-like."

It's also on sale this week for $60 from what I would gather would be about $120 as a normal selling price on Amazon, and a $200 price point in stores.

This is the watch right here...

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