Sunday, February 7, 2010

Undercover Boss

Tonight after the Super Bowl CBS debuted a brand new show..."Undercover Boss."

It's a reality show about executives of major companies who go undercover to work as one of the "regular" workers.

The series premier has the CEO of Waste Management, a $13 billion waste removal company, going undercover and doing the work that the people on the front line do. He works on a line picking trash off of a conveyor belt. He works picking up trash at the landfill. He works cleaning up outhouses. Basically, he does several jobs that the people he employs have to do everyday.

I am thoroughly enjoying this first episode of the show. It's been entertaining and it's cool to see some billionaire getting down and dirty. The best part is that the people that he's working with have no clue that he's the CEO of the company, so they treat him just like they would treat any other everyday worker. It's cool to see them interact with him in natural ways...not faking it to suck up to the boss.

I don't watch any TV at all on CBS...but this show might be the first thing that makes me tune in to this channel for anything other than sports.

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