Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cooper Had a Seizure...

Tonight Cathy and I were just sitting there watching TV, and suddenly Cooper jumped up and ran over to us.

We knew right away that he was going to have a seizure, so we got him off of the couch and onto his dog bed. Cathy then got the cold pack ready to put on his neck. He went into the seizure and we got the cold pack on his neck.

Surprisingly, this one only lasted about two minutes...which is quite a bit shorter than his last couple. He also wasn't overly hot afterwards. So I'm thinking that the cold pack did the trick that I have read about, and really helped shorten the duration of the attack.

He climbed himself back up onto the couch after a few minutes, and he's been laying there fast asleep ever since.

Luckily, although he has these every once in a while, they don't seem to be too common. He's also, in my opinion, learning that they are coming, which is why he seeks us out, which is a good thing.

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