Friday, November 18, 2011

New Knife...

Today my new knife arrived from Amazon.

It's a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife. It's pretty wicked. It's got a nice sheath, a fire starting steel, a sharpener, a whistle, the knife itself, and a pocket survival guide.

Why did I get this knife?? Well, really because it looked cool. But I also will throw it in my backpack for whenever I'm doing any hiking, which I hope to start doing this next summer. I also plan on taking it to Hawai'i and throwing it in my backpack there, just in case we do any hiking out in any of the big forests or anything like that.

Basically, with something like that, I figure it's better to be a bit safe than sorry. Besides, you can use it for a lot more than just stabbing stuff...mainly like cutting rope and things like that. I'm also going to get a bit of paracord to go with it, because that's cheap and could come in handy as well.

Here's a picture of my awesome new knife.

Oh yah...I forgot to mention. Those two holes on the handle near the blade?? Those are so that you can wrap the cord around the knife and a stick, and turn it into a spear!!! How cool is that?? I mean, I'm sure most people have been in a situation where they were like "Man, I wish I had a knife to hook to a stick so I could make a spear." It seems only logical that one have this.

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