Thursday, November 17, 2011


My mom got the tickets to Hawai'i tonight.

We leave on March 6th at about 7:45 in the morning. We have a 90 minute layover in Chicago, before heading to San Francisco for another 90 minute layover, which is where I imagine we'll pick up my sister, and then head on to Maui. We should arrive there at right around 6:00 PM their time, which means we'll be at the condo by I'm guessing 7:00. That's great, because even though it's a long day, the fact that I'm nocturnal means I'll still have a few hours to go before I need any kind of I'm hoping to get to check out the immediate vicinity right away.

We'll be coming back on the 15th, but not until 10:00 PM. That means we don't get back until the early morning on Friday the 16th, which is alright, because we'll have Saturday through Tuesday to get back into the swing of being back in the (not very) great state of Michigan!!!

This is all coming up so fast. A friend of mine mentioned that he reads the blog every now and again (I'm talking to you, Jeff!!!) and he said I seem a bit "geeked" about the trip. Thing is, that's an understatement. Honestly, if I could go to sleep right now and wake up on March 5th, I'd be good to go!!!!! This can't get here soon enough!!!

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