Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Puppets to Make...and Finish...

So it's time to start getting back to making some puppets.

I am just about ready to ship one to the guy in California that buys many of them from me. It should be going out on Tuesday.

I then have to get a couple together for the lady that runs the cafe at work, and then a couple more for another girl that I work with.

I also have a few that I need to make for myself, still. I need to work on another Yeti, Jr for myself and I definitely want to make myself one of the dinosaur puppets. I then need to make another Yeti puppet to finish out the "Yeti Family." I also really want to make a couple of other dog puppets, mainly because I simply can't find a suitable material to continue making the Dalmation looking puppet.

So yes, I've got my work pretty much cut out for me with puppets for right now!!! I'm hoping to have that one shipped by Tuesday, and then I am thinking about having one of the puppets for the girl at work be one that I have already made that I am not really interested in adding to the site, because the eyes are very difficult to source. So I may only really have to make two more, which would be great!!!

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