Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drying Out the Inflatable.

Well, I don't really have an awful lot going on today. I called in sick to work due to a few things...mainly I had a nasty headache and my throat was sore, but I also had a sore back and sore legs due to the kayaking I believe. But man, the headache was bad. It set in last night (Wednesday night) and I didn't get rid of it until late this afternoon (Thursday).

Anyways, I thought I'd take a minute to post about how I've been drying out the TK-1 after I get done with it.

First of all, both times I've used it I basically just rolled it up and threw it in the car and came home. When I got home was when I did my drying. Both times I've done it the same way and each time it's turned out pretty well.

First, when I get home I take the boat out onto my back deck. The back deck faces east, so it's shaded by the time I get home. I lay the boat out, top side up, on the deck. I leave it like that for a few hours then go flip it so it's bottom side up. I leave it like that for a few hours. This gets it pretty well dried out, but to make absolutely sure, I take it into my garage and hang it from a hook on the ceiling. I leave it hanging like that for a few days just to make sure it's completely dry.

I believe hanging it works well because the garage isn't really insulated so it gets pretty warm in there. It also faces west, so the sun heats it up even more...however, the boat is out of direct sunlight so there's no issues with that. That, and the hanging aspect allows any leftover water to work it's way down out of the part that is hanging down, which is the front of the boat.

Both times after only 24 hours the boat has seemed as dry as when it was new. This method wouldn't work very well if the boat were any longer, because as it is the tip of the front is touching the ground just barely. But it works, so I'll keep doing it!!!

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