Friday, September 26, 2008

I Always HATE This Time of Year...

As the weather starts to slowly get colder and the days get shorter, I always start reflecting on the past riding season.

I think about all the times that I DIDN'T ride my bike when I could have. I think about all the time I spent working on it. I think about the money I spent on parts, maintenance, and insurance. Basically, I think that sometimes the bike is just something that I don't need around anymore.

I don't ride it nearly as much as I would like to...especially now that work is 45 miles away. Where I work I have to wear a uniform, and utilizing the bike to commute has just been such a hassle that I have just resigned myself to taking the car...that, and car pooling with Cathy simply saves us too much money to have me ride and her drive.

I always think that maybe I should just put it up for sale, and use the money for one of my other hobbies or to pay off some bills...but there's something inside me that just simply won't let me do it.

Maybe it's the idea that next spring I would be ready to go riding...but there would be no bike.

Maybe it's the idea that I've put so much effort into making my bike what it is, that it simply wouldn't be fair for someone else to enjoy it.

Maybe it's the idea that this is just the weather getting me down.

Whatever it is, there's something inside me that simply will not let me put the bike up for sale...

...which I'm grateful for every spring when the days start to get longer, and the weather starts to get warmer...

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