Sunday, September 28, 2008


For some reason, Cathy has seemed to take a pretty keen interest as of late in a scooter. She really likes the Honda Ruckus. She says she likes that it's industrial, and she is industrial. It's cute how she perks up when she talks about it.

I also have been thinking that some scooters might be a good idea for us. We live close enough to town that we could easily use them to get back and forth to the store on our days off and before or after work. Unfortunately, work is just WAY too far away for us to think about using scooters for that. But for around town they would probably be ideal.

I also like the Ruckus, but it seems that they are a bit hard to find. I showed her some Kymco models today, and she liked a couple of those as well. I also really like a couple of the Kymcos...especially their 2-smoke Super 9 model.

This is going to be something that we probably look into a bit more next spring...especially if gas is still up around $4 per gallon.

I'm just excited that she's interested in something motorized that's on two wheels!!!

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