Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleepy Hollow State Park

Well, I got a few days off of work, and it looks like it's supposed to be pretty decent out on Saturday. Weather.com is calling for 64 degrees and mostly sunny with currently zero percent chance of rain.

I may try and get the TK-1 up to Sleepy Hollow State Park and do a little bit of kayaking out on Lake Ovid.

Here is the description of Lake Ovid according the trip report at Paddling.net:

"Lake Ovid is a 410-acre lake (Lake Lansing is a 450 acre lake for comparison), which was developed from the Little Maple River. Lake Ovid is a no wake lake and may be the best inland lake kayaking destination in the Lansing area. There are two or three islands in the lake, which create some interesting airflow on windy days and add some additional enjoyment to the kayaking experience.

It is not uncommon to share the lake with many fishermen. Since they are normally fishing from a stationary point, however, they are not a problem. And, because it is a no wake lake you won't find anyone going much faster than trolling speed. There are usually a few other canoes and kayaks on the lake, and even a sailboat will stop out now and then. On occasion the parking lot is quite crowded, but the lake is always peaceful. Lake Ovid may not be the best place to practice rolling or wet exits as there is a fair amount of underwater plant life. However, this does not interfere with paddling and if you really want to practice some in the water exercises, you can go to the swimming area for a fairly weed free experience.

Lake Ovid is home to a large population of birds and other wildlife, including Sandhill Cranes, Blue Heron, geese, ducks, muskrats, turtles, and deer. Unlike other lakes where all the wildlife has been run off by powerboats, you can expect to see most of these creatures on every visit to the lake."

It sounds to me like a pretty good destination to get the TK-1 out in an area where I will be able to see something other than houses!!! I'm looking forward to making this quick trip, and then I will probably stop by my parents house to hang out for a little while before returning home.

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