Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weather's Looking Good...

Tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny with a high around 81 here in Michigan. Great weather, considering it's nearing the end of September. I guess I shouldn't be so was just two years ago or so that I went to a Michigan State Spartans football game near the end of September and got really was like 92 that day or something crazy.

Anyways, with the weather setting up like it is, I'm going to try to get up a tad bit early this morning (Wednesday) and take the TK-1 out for it's first official paddle. I won't just be testing it's capacity and flotation this time, I'll actually be trying to paddle it around a little bit.

I will be trying to be at Clark Lake by noon at the latest. I'm TRYING to get up around 10:00 or so so that I can leave here by about 10:30...which would put me in the water at about 11:15.

I'll be going by myself...Cathy has some things to do so she won't be coming along. Besides, the skeg for her boat hasn't arrived yet so I don't really want her trying to paddle it too much without it.

I've got batteries for my camera and my new dry bag to test out. I've also got a load of new carabiners to keep things hooked inside the boat.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a few good pictures from this trip. I'll update again tomorrow night with the results of the paddle.

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