Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Viva, Las Vegas...

Before I forget to mention it, I'm getting married on Halloween of this year. My parents (the best) have gotten Cathy and I a gift for after the wedding. They're sending us on a trip to Las Vegas.

We'll be flying on Spirit Airlines out of Detroit on Saturday, November 1st. We should be in Vegas by about 2:30 PM and have pretty much the whole day to spend there that day. We'll stay Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night...with a return flight leaving around 3:00 PM or so on Wednesday. Four nights and four days basically.

My mom is pretty good at shopping for travel deals, and she ended up getting us a good deal on a hot tub suite in the Luxor Hotel and Casino. I've stayed in the Luxor the one other time that I went to Vegas and loved it. The hot tub room looks pretty awesome, too.

This is the Luxor right here:

I'm really looking forward to the trip. Other than the few days off for Costa Rica this past January, I really haven't taken any kind of actual vacation in a LONG time.

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