Saturday, September 27, 2008

To Trade, or Not to Trade...

That is the question.

This past spring I spent a few hundred bucks on a brand new SSR-90R pitbike. I spent some money on some upgrades and turned it into a mini-motard race bike. I had all intentions of taking the bike to a local go-kart track for some racing this summer, but a change in work schedule pretty much defeated that.

So the bike has been listed on Craig's List for over a month now. I've only had one person really interested, and he just keeps kinda jerking me around, so I've taken to basically ignoring him.

However, just yesterday I got an e-mail from a guy offering to trade his 1996 Yamaha Blaster quad straight up for the bike. I've never owned a quad but I've always liked them, so I'm seriously considering it. The guy says it has a few aftermarket parts, and I'm waiting to see what parts he has on it, but right now I'm leaning towards the trade.

The SSR has just been sitting there looking for someone to ride it...I get it out every month or so to ride it around the yard, but that's not what it's for. The quad, on the other hand, could come in pretty handy. Dragging things to the backyard would be easy with it, a snowplow attachment is possible, and the idea of taking it to some trails and stuff just seems pretty enticing.

I'm still on the fence, I wish I was more decisive.

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