Friday, September 25, 2009

Magic, Again...

So I got the tricks that I ordered on Wednesday. They came in about 3 days, which is excellent shipping for the few dollars that it cost.

I ended up getting four different tricks. A coin trick, a ring trick, and two card tricks.

All of them work really well, but of course I need some more practice at them. One of the card tricks that I got is VERY difficult to perform. But when it works, it's pretty amazing.

The coin trick is also extremely amazing. It's a great trick that is pretty easy to perform and left Cathy pretty baffled the first time that I did it. The ring trick did the same thing. She was pretty impressed by that one also. The other card trick is a good one, but it's also going to need some work. Again, I have issues with the delivery. I still need to work on my own confidence when delivering the tricks in order to pull them off well. I don't particularly like an awful lot of patter when I'm doing tricks, but it seems that for some of them it might be best to work on some patter to go along with the trick.

I'm planning on getting a couple more card tricks and a trick with a pen that is really fun, but I am going to wait a couple of weeks to order them. One nice thing about the site I'm finding these tricks on is that they have a wish list system. You can add products that you like to it so that you can conveniently find them again when you're ready to buy.

They have one trick set that I REALLY like, but it's expensive. It's also an entire 8 minute routine, so I don't really know when I would get a chance to actually perform it for anyone. But I do like it, so maybe I'll end up picking it up sooner or later.

But for now, I'm just going to continue practicing the tricks that I have. I've gotten the two coin tricks that I got in Vegas down pretty well. Of course, there are TONS of variations of the two tricks that you can do...approximately 25 for one of them and 40 for the other one. So now that I've got those two main tricks down, I can start to work on some of the variations. So that means what I really need to work on is the new tricks that I just got and the card trick that I got in Vegas.

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