Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Year of Posting...

So the first post ever on this blog was one year ago today.

I think my blog has been pretty successful over that year. I've done everything that I wanted to with it. I've shared thoughts and ideas, memories and stories, and made a new "friend" who follows the blog.

I've averaged over a post a day, and probably would have averaged two had I not toned it down a bit. Really about the only times that I went more than a few days without posting was when I was out of town.

I look forward to continuing on with the blog, and hope that this was only the first year of many more to come!!!

1 comment:

Doug said...

Keep up the good work and please make more posts!

Those puppets still show up when I scroll down and they are just toooo creeepy ;-)

Seriously though, I found blogging a lot more fun than I originally thought I would and your blogging certainly contributed to that.