Saturday, September 5, 2009

One More Day...

So tomorrow is the last day of work before vacation.

I'd say that I'm pretty much ready to go. I've got my clothes all picked out, got my toiletries all set, and have my gadgets all set for the trip.

Tonight I bought a few new things for the some new boxer shorts and a nice new SDHC card for our new camera. This new card is supposed to help take faster pictures, which helps save battery life and also allows you to take more pictures. I also got a week long feeder for Arthur, so that we don't have to worry about anyone needing to come over to check on him while we're gone.

I've got a slew of games on the iPod Touch for the trip out there...on the plane and in the airport if necessary. I've also got a couple of TV shows to transfer to the iPod for me to watch if I don't feel like playing games.

I'll be taking the iPod, my laptop, our new camera, and our digital camcorder. Those will be the gadgets that I'm taking. The main reason for taking the laptop is so that we can transfer pictures and videos that we take right to the computer if we need to...not that we should come anywhere close to running out of storage space on our cards...but just in case.

Other than those gadgets, my clothes, my toiletries, and my Barmah hat...I can't really think of anything else that I really need to get together for the trip. We're only taking one checked bag, so I'm thinking that two pairs of long pants (jeans and khakis), three pairs of shorts, maybe five t-shirts, and two nicer shirts will be the total of clothes that I take, other than socks and boxers. I am also only going to be taking two pairs of Converse that I always wear and my sandals. The only real reason that I'm taking so many t-shirts is because I don't know if I'll get any of them dirty because it's so hot out there...I'll probably end up wearing the jeans or the khakis because they will weigh more than the shorts...and that way I'll wear the Converse and only pack the sandals.

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Doug said...

Have fun and stay out of trouble...

Or at least don't get caught ;-)