Friday, July 9, 2010

Paddy Is Finished...and a New Puppet Started...

Well, I finished Paddy the other night with the help of my mom. She showed me how to use the sewing machine, and I finished off the last part that needed to be done...his arms. I also found him a nice shirt to wear.

Here's the character bio that I've come up with for him.

This is Paddy. His real name is Lloyd, but his favorite food is lily pads and he spends most of his time looking for them, so his friends started calling him Paddy and it just kind of stuck.

Paddy is like a frog...but...different. His parents tell him that they're all different because of the green goo that leaked into the pond from the factory for a while. It's since been cleaned up, and they are all healthy, but they look a little bit odd.

Paddy likes to swim and juggle...but he's not very good at juggling. His favorite hobby, however, is collecting pennies. Here's the thing...Paddy thinks ALL coins are pennies. In fact, he thinks that any small circular metal object is a penny. His favorite "penny" is actually an old Coca Cola bottle cap.

I also started working on another puppet tonight. This one is going to be an alien. Between this one and Paddy, I will have a working basis to start making more of them, and maybe even selling some of them on Ebay or at craft stores. I'm trying to get the time it takes to make them down to under two hours...but so far I'm nowhere near that. Even with the sewing machine it still took me quite a while to get this guy's head done. However, I had some trouble getting the machine threaded because I forgot one of the steps. I spent a good long time fighting with the machine before I remembered what I was doing wrong. Either way, I still was able to make this one's head MUCH faster than I made Paddy' I'm sure if I keep working at it I'll get them down to about two hours in no time.

Here he is. His name is Blip. He's an alien. He crashed here while searching for food to take back to his home planet. Oddly enough, his species thrive on gummy worms.

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