Thursday, July 29, 2010

RC Plane Thing...

The other day I was wandering around Target and I noticed this cool little radio controlled airplane thing called a Switchblade by Airhogs. It was normally about $70 but it was on clearance for $12, so I figured I should grab one.

I got it home and it seems pretty cool. It changes shape so that it can take off vertically, then when it's in the air you press a button on the control that makes it morph into the airplane form. It then flies.

I tried it in the yard, but I couldn't get it to morph. Probably a good thing, because it turned out to need a lot more space than I had in the yard and I probably would've lost it.

I took it up to the park tonight and tried it...and surprisingly it flew really well!! At first I hovered it up to about 30 feet or so then morphed it and off it went!!! It flew around the baseball field excellently. I finally managed to crash it by turning to sharply, so I tried to hand launch it. I tossed it into the air with full throttle going and off it went again!!

For $12, I think it is an awesome little gadget. I will probably stop by Target again to see if they have any more and maybe pick up another one, just in case something happens to this one.

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