Sunday, July 4, 2010


I did some more work on my puppet over the last few days.

There were only minor setbacks. Mainly, when I made his "body" I didn't sew his head on tight enough so the seam at the back of his neck started to come undone. That was a quick fix. The slightly larger problem was that I accidentally sewed the bottom of the sleeve on upside down, so the seam was on the outside. I cut it off and fixed it, and got him all back together tonight.

I also added a tongue to his mouth, and found out that he fits in 0-3 month old baby shirts. That allows him to be put into all kinds of different looks.

All that's really left to finish is his arms...but I need to get access to a sewing machine to do those. I don't know why, but that's the only part of the pattern that doesn't have directions on how to hand sew it. It only shows you how to machine sew it.

Here's what he's looking like so far.

What's funny is how much emotion he can show, considering how basic he is.

I'm pretty happy with the way he's turning out. I didn't think I'd have this kind of luck with what is really my first puppet.

After I get his arms done, I'm going to go and pick out some other colors of material and try to make another one by using the sewing machine, to see if it ends up looking any different. I will probably eventually get a pattern for doing a head that is more "human-like." That will allow me to do all kinds of characters...and I have all kinds of ideas for characters!!!

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