Friday, July 30, 2010

Sparrows Attack!!!

Today I took my little Switchblade plane to the park to fly it again. It took off and was flying perfectly when I noticed something odd.

It was being followed by about 6 little birds. I think that they were sparrows, like in the picture here. They chased the plane all around the field...everywhere it went, they followed. A couple of times they even managed to get close enough to it that I think they may have hit it. Unfortunately, the plane is so small that from about 70 feet away it's hard to tell if it's getting hit or if they are just really close to it. The only time that they would back off would be when I crashed it into the ground or when it landed. They would then retreat to places unknown and wait for it to take off again before resuming this odd dogfight.

The plane ran out of batteries and I had to go home. I charged it up and then later in the evening I took Cathy with me to show her the plane. After about a minute of it being airborn, it's adversaries were back...following it everywhere it went, not letting it get away. Again, they only left it alone when it would end up on the ground. They chased it around for the entire time I was flying, again, and then I ran out of batteries again and had to go home.

I bought another one of the little plane things at Target today, so the next time I go I'll be able to get twice as much flying in because I'll have two planes.

I don't know whether they were chasing the plane because they were trying to chase it away, or if they were following it because they didn't know what it was. Either way, it was pretty cool to watch. It was almost like when you see small birds chasing away a crow or a hawk, only they didn't seem quite as aggressive.

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