Thursday, July 1, 2010


My first one is done...but it was SERIOUSLY just a learning effort. It's okay looking, but I can do much, much better.

In fact, I knew I could do better so I started another one today, and it came out MUCH better looking than the first one. I don't have him finished because I'm going to work on a different body than what the pattern I have came that will be a bit more "stiff" and look more like a body.

Also, my mom has an extra sewing machine at her house, so she's going to give that to me so that I can make the puppets faster. The one I made today took about 2.5 hours to make his head. With a sewing maching, I'm guessing I could get that down to about 45 minutes. With that said, I'm sure the next one I do by hand will take less than 2.5 hours, because that's about half what the first one took me.

Here are some pictures of the one I made today. Again, he doesn't have a body or arms yet because I'm working on the pattern for that.

His name is Paddy. Well, his real name is Lloyd. But he lives in a swamp and spends most of his time looking for lily pads, which are his favorite food, so his friend's started calling him Paddy and it just kind of stuck. He likes to swim and juggle, and he tends to mumble to himself quite a bit.

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