Wednesday, June 30, 2010


No, not for Cathy and I.

Today we went to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek to see the animals. What we really wanted to see were the baby giraffes. They were there, by the observation deck, eating.

I actually fed them a few pieces of lettuce. To get them to the smallest one you had to toss them on the ground...and it was incredibly amusing to watch him have to spread his legs really wide so that he could get his head all the way down to the ground to pick it up. After a few minutes the two babies wandered over to a place where they could easily eat some grass.

Here are some pictures of them.

We had a really good time at the zoo. Unfortunately, the camera wasn't charged very well so we didn't get many more pictures. The only other one I got was of some kangaroos. I thought they looked silly just laying around.

After the zoo, Cathy and I headed to Firekeeper's Casino. We wanted to go to the buffet there. We got there quite a bit before the dinner buffet started, so we wandered around a little bit. We gambled $10 each and about 5 minutes. I had heard that the payouts weren't the greatest, but I do think the casino is nice. It's really modern looking inside it, and is much more "Vegas" than Soaring Eagle is.

After we gambled, we went to one of their lounges to get a drink. The drinks were good, and definitely Vegas priced. Some of the stuff on their menu even seemed MORE expensive than Vegas.

After the drinks, we hit the buffet. We had signed up for the Player's Club card at the casino, and that got us a discount on the buffet. We went in at 4:56 PM, and still ended up getting charged the lunch rate, minus $3 each. So we ended up with a total of about $25 for the two of us. Not bad.

And the food was GREAT!!! I ended up eating WAY too much...but heck, it's a buffet, and we don't do it very 5 pieces of chicken, some BBQ ribs, turkey, two ears of corn, a roll, some fried catfish, two strawberry shortcakes and some chocolate dipped Oreos won't kill me.

At least I hope...

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