Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brakes All Done...

Today I went out and finished the brake project on the Bianchi.

I had to go over to On 2 Wheels to get some new brake cable housing and brake cables, but it only cost about $10 so that's not too bad. I then redid the front that I had done the other day and then finished up the rear.

I got it all tuned up so that they work the way I want them to and then rewrapped the handlebars with new black bar tape. I think the finished product looks really good!!!

The bike looks a lot more modern now, and it's much cleaner than it was before. The aero brake levers that I got have the cable on the inside of them so the cable isn't sticking off the top of the brakes like it was before.

The new bar tape and the aero levers make hand positions a lot more comfortable than before as well.

Best of all?? The brakes function AMAZINGLY now. Before it seemed like the bike was barely stopping. Now?? The rear tire actually skids.

I think for a total cost of less than $90, this was a very worthwhile upgrade. The nice thing about the brakes and brake levers is that if I ever upgrade to another bike, I can take these off and put them on the new bike if I want to.

The last thing that I'll be doing to the Bianchi is a new seat. I'll probably be ordering one of those pretty soon.

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