Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Got the Bianchi Back...

Today I went and picked up the Bianchi. It cost $65 to get the tires and tubes and have them installed. Not too bad, I guess. The tires and tubes alone would have cost about $50, and that's what I found the same brand and model on Ebay for, so I don't think I got gouged on the price at all.

I then brought the bike home and took it to the car wash to wash it. I sprayed it off with degreaser and cleaned it all up. It actually cleaned up REALLY nicely. The bike is very classy looking.

Next I got a chance to take a quick ride. Wow. It's pretty amazing that a bike that is nearly 25 years old still rides as well as it does. It's smooth and quiet and pretty fast. It shifts great and everything on it functions as you would expect. I will probably try to adjust the brakes a bit, because they seemed a BIT weak...but that could also be because the pads and rims were still wet from washing it.

I had been planning on getting some new stuff for, cables, handlebars. Then I decided I would just leave it alone. But after riding it today, I definitely will be keeping it around for a while so I think I will go for the seat and the handlebar foam at the very least. I might try to find some new covers for the brakes as well, because they look a bit ratty. I'm thinking that those things will make the bike perfect for me and it will last me a good long time.

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